FBAR Services ´╗┐

voluntary Disclosure Program

We represent clients in the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) for offshore, foreign and domestic assets, accounts investments and income.

streamlined voluntary disclosure
delinquency procedures

For some taxpayers who were non-willful, they may submit  Reasonable Cause or Delinquency Procedure submission in lieu of Voluntary Disclosure or Streamlined.

FBAR penalty abatement

If you have already been penalized for non-compliance with FBAR reporting, you may qualify to have the penalty reduced with mitigation factors. 

FBAR Audits & investigations

If you have been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service for non-compliance with FBAR, it is important they speak with experienced counsel.

expatriation compliance

If you are ready to relinquish your Green Card or Citizenship, we can help. We help clients get into IRS Offshore Compliance´╗┐ & Expatriate from the U.S.

second opinions

False bravado is especially dangerous when it comes to FBAR & FATCA. We offer second opinions to Taxpayers not currently working with a CPA, Accountant or Attorney.

fixing fbar quiet disclosures

A Quiet Disclosure is an illegal submission by knowingly amending prior year tax returns, FBAR, & FATCA, without going through the proper channels. We get you compliant.

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