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Did You Report the FBAR Late or Not at All?

If you filed the FBAR late or not at all, you are considered to be out of compliance. For filers who did not report their FBAR timely, they may become subject to significant fines and penalties – these penalties may be avoided, reduced, or abated through the FBAR Amnesty Programs. Our Board-Certified Tax and Legal Specialist team limits representation exclusively to offshore compliance. We have successfully submitted thousands of offshore disclosures to the IRS.

Want to Submit to an FBAR Amnesty Program?

The IRS still offers FBAR amnesty programs to assist taxpayers with getting into compliance. The most common programs include the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program, Streamlined Domestic Offshore and Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures, Delinquency Procedures, and Reasonable Cause. 

Flat-Fee, Full-Service Legal and Tax Preparation

Our Team handles all aspects of the submission process. This includes Tax Preparation, Legal Representation, Pre-and Post-Communications with the IRS, and IRS Audit and Examination Defense for a Flat-Fee.

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Learn the differences between our value-driven 30-minute reduced-fee initial consultation by a Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist and the ‘free’ 15-minute sales pitch consultations advertised by other law firms. We also have resources to help you hire an experienced Offshore Disclosure Lawyer and avoid Attorneys falsely claiming to be ‘Board-Certified Tax Law Specialists.’

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Full-service tax preparation, legal representation, follow-up, and examination defense for a  flat-fee.

Are You at Risk for Foreign Account Penalties?

What is the FBAR? Understanding the Basic Fundamentals of FBAR Reporting

Are you Required to Report your Foreign Financial Accounts and Assets on FBAR to IRS & FinCEN?

FBAR Filing Deadline Did you miss the Foreign Account FBAR Due Date for Reporting in Prior Years?

How Does the IRS Find You? The IRS has many ways to Track Down Your Offshore & Foreign Accounts.

FBAR Penalty Structure: Civil (Willful or Non-Willful) FBAR Penalties and Criminal FBAR

Other Foreign Account, Asset & Investment Foreign Account Compliance Requirements

FBAR Lawyers & Tax Professionals

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